What is LinuxPMI?

  • LinuxPMI is a set of Linux kernel patches implementing process "migration" over a network. Its goal is to allow you to move a program from your machine to another machine, run it there for a while, and return it without it ever knowing it was gone.
  • LinuxPMI is derived from the failed, now dead OpenMosix 2.6 branch.

What are we up to?

  • The major work here is on the patch commentaries, as we document the current 2.6.17 & patch sets.
  • We're using git as a Version Control System, so for directions on downloading sources and getting ready to build, read the Git LinuxPMI HOWTO.
  • Once you have a copy of the tree, you'll probably want to Build LinuxPMI.
  • You can also run LinuxPMI using the "preinstalled" KVMImages
  • We've documented a LinuxPMI Kernel Testing Procedure.
  • Users interested in testing LinuxPMI should read the Users Guide.
  • Our TODO list -- A good place for incoming developers to start at!
  • Status -- The last tested status of various versions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions go here.
  • Join us on irc on freenode at #LinuxPMI!

We've been progressively breaking up the 2.6.17 patches as we commentary them, and working on the branch forward ported by g_remlin, as its commentaried. Guidelines on patch quality levels have been developed for use in this effort.

OpenMosix Related

Links useful as reference while reading through OpenMosix source.

Kernel Related


  • Try Asciidoc -- A page that shows you how asciidoc looks when converted to HTML. Good place to test asciidoc documentation before committing to the tree.

Misc Notes

  • UnsortedInfo -- An unsorted technical dump for information google does not know yet. Not linuxPMI related.
  • GiftStuff -- Information about GNU GIFT.
  • FaiKvm -- Configuration directions for freshly installed machines on
  • FreeGeek -- FreeGeek Arkansas Specific Information. Bylaws, and such.
  • Software Notes -- Configuration directions for non-LinuxPMI Softwares.

Trac Stuff


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