This page is for documenting my attempts to get OpenWRT onto this device, without having to crack the case.


  • First, get your Airlink101 attached to a linux machine.
  • Connect to it through the integrated 4-port switch. the 'internet' port is a port on which you can not get access to the web GUI.


  • The private side of the device is by default on
  • the ethernet address printed on the bottom of the device is one less than the address of the 'internet' port.


  • By default, only two ports are open: 80, and 5432. 80 is for the web services, 5432 is for uPNP.
  • the web interface requires javascript at every step. We are going to use wget and curl to get at contents.

Javascript Libraries

Several library files are used by the below web pages. as functions are called by the below web pages, descriptions of those function will be posted in this section.

Web Pages

  • To retrieve these web pages, we are using 'wget http://admin:admin@' to supply a username and password.
  • files that end in .html appear to be static content, while files that end in .htm appear to have their output generated.


This is the default page retrieved. it only contains a warning to use javascript, and some javascript code that redirects us to index_i.htm.


This page redirects the interface to the appropriate 'setup' page. it does this by setting a variable (aparently interpolated on the server), and redirecting the client to the appropriate page:

  1. static -- redirects to 'SetupStatic?.htm'
  2. dhcp -- redirects to 'SetupDHCP.htm'
  3. pppoe -- redirects to 'SetupPPPoE.htm'
  4. pptp -- redirects to 'SetupPPTP.htm'
  5. hbeat -- redirects to 'SetupHBeat.htm'

If the variable is not recognized, it defaults to redirecting to 'SetupDHCP.htm'.


This page is the dialogue meant for use in setting up the accesspoint when the upstream internet connection is a DHCP connection.



This function writes out the IP associated to the WAN interface (the internet port). it defines two variables(likely through interpolation), then assuming one of them contains the string 'dhcp' it uses document.write to write out the second variable. In the default configuration, this should be the address given via DHCP to the internet port (or '' if the device was just powered up with nothing connected to said port).


Hardware Description

The hardware is reasonably well documented on the OpenWRT wiki, however:

  • the main board is marked with 'WRTR-137G_V02' followed by '190-c03-0900'
  • the wireless card is marked with 'WMIR-180G_V02' followed by '190-003-0200'
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