Testing of linuxPMI is done using the migtorture program examples, in the SVN tree.

For example, once you have them checked out, type make to compile them, then run the eatcpu program.

Open up another terminal, and fire up top. you should see the eatcpu program running.

Now, find its process ID (ps ax | grep eatcpu), and as root, cd into /proc/$PID/hpc or /proc/$PID/pms (depending if you're running 2.6.17 or

Find the IP of your remote machine runing linuxPMI, and echo it to the 'where' file in the control directory to move the process.

echo "remote_node_ip" >> where

Echoing "home" instead of an IP will return it to the local node.

At this point, you should have one or two dead kernels. Debug, debug, debug! :)

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