WifiDog? on WRT54G v2.1 with OpenWRT

To run wifidog on this AP:

  1. Plug a computer with a web browser and internet access into the 4 port switch in the AP (not the internet port).
  2. Use a web browser to install OpenWRT 10.03 (backfire).
  3. Wait for a reboot. Once the reboot has occured, login to the web interface, and set a password for 'root'. This is so that we may login over SSH.
  4. Change the IPv4 Address of the LAN interface to something with a subnet that will not interfere with what you have assigned for the wifidog network. For our configuration, we're changing it to, so that we can use 192.168.1.x for our network.
  5. Per , Open a port on the outside interface for port 22 and port 80.
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