3D Printing

Strange Materials

Carbon Nanotubes

  • Notes -- a collection of notes about printing carbon nanotubes.

Access Points

The AirLink101 AR525W

  • Hacking -- A page documenting attempts to get the airlink101 to take an OpenWRT based firmware.

The Dell TrueMobile 2300

  • I apparently received a newer revision of the TrueMobile 2300 than the one described on the OpenWrt Table Of Hardware.
  • My version contains a BCM7412 processor, 16 megs of AMIC A43L2616v-6 memory (2 chips), 4 megs of intel TE2F320 flash, a ADMTEK ADM6996L four port switch, and an unknown wireless chip.
  • Pictures -- Pictures of my TrueMobile 2300 disassembled.
  • I was able to install openwrt 7.09 on this, by uploading the .trx file. unfortunately, there was no wireless due to openwrt not containing a bcm driver. the switch and the wan port both functioned properly.
  • I have found what appear to be jtag and serial headers, but have been unable to confirm.


  • I own one of these too, with the intention to stick openwrt on it.
  • I received mine without a power supply, but someone was nice enough to tell me theirs is running on +12V @ 1A, with a positive tip. I've got mine on 1.3A, with no issues.
  • Pictures -- pictures of my WGT624 v3 disassembled.


  • I received one of these with the CPU missing. posting the Pictures here for reference.

CD Rom Drives

Cell Phones

OpenMoko Notes

  • OpenMoko RingTones -- what it took for me to get a ringtone on my openmoko. (ancient build, on a GTA01.)
  • Setting the time -- From a shell prompt "rdate; hwclock -w" works. Apparently busybox's rdate only uses tcp protocol, so my normal dosen't work.

Samsung A707

To unlock the 'Phone Lock' page, and LOSE ALL THE DATA ON THE PHONE, i did the following:

  • First, remove the sim, and turn on the phone, it will tell you to insert a sim.
  • Type "*#0523#". this let me into a menu, to set the contrast on the outside display. type "3" to save the setting, after you use "1" and "2" to make it look right.
  • I think i typed "#7465625*2877#" next. this resulted in the message 'auto sp unlock'.
  • Type "*2767*3855#". this will reformat the phone.

After this, the phone booted with "Welcome to AT&T", and worked flawlessly.


To scrub all the data on a razr i recieved, i put in a sim (which it refused to register), hit the center button to clear out of the 'registering sim' message, hit the center button again, scrolled down to 'settings' menu, and used 'master clear'. the phone then warned me, stalled for a minute after i hit yes, asked me to wait, then rebooted.

GPS Units

The Rand McNally 1225B-R1 GPS

I have been able to confirm the Rand McNally 1225B-R1 GPS unit is based on the conexant jupiter chipset, and can be forced to speak zodiac protocol. To force the receiver into zodiac mode, and make gpsd detect it as such, issue the following commands:

ni:~# /etc/init.d/gpsd stop
ni:~# echo $'$PRWIIPRO,,RBIN\r\n' >> /dev/ttyS0
ni:~# /etc/init.d/gpsd start

Hard Drive Enclosures

The Western Digital MyBook Home Edition

  • On the 500GB and 320GB models, I've found that the latches for opening the case for disassembly are under the rubber feet toward the front of the case (toward the side with the blue light).
  • There are two chips on the top side of the PCB. an oxford semiconductor OXUF934DSA-LQAG arm core, and a TI firewire controller core, marked 78ELRJTC TSB41AB2 G4. on the reverse side of the PCB is a SST 38vf020 flash chip, that appears to be attached to the arm core.

Seagate Drives

  • Images for the disassembly of a Seagate FreeAgent Go 250GB external Hard Drive have been added.



The IBM 240


1024x768 75Hz on the Sys 152L

This Modeline manages to not trigger the auto-resizing features in the monitor, which 'drift' over time. My monitor is 'fuzzy' in 1024x768-60, and has had to have the main input cap on the power supply replaced.

xrandr --newmode 1024x768-SYS 82.00 1024 1090 1192 1360 768 771 775 805 -hsync +vsync

Print Servers

Netgear PS121

  • Documentation about my attempts to place linux on a PS121.


Epson Stylus 600

PCB Printing -- How to transform an Epson Stylus into a PCB printer, step-by-step.

VOIP Devices

The Vonage or D-Link VTA-VD

  • Photographs of the externals and internals of this unit are (not) here?.

Photography Notes

  • It sometimes helps to get farther away, and use the built in zoom to prevent 'fisheye' problems making machinery not appear square.
  • Always use a stable surface, even if you have to build it out of PCs.
  • Don't use flash with printed circuit boards. reflections are a killer.
  • Imagemagick's convert utility is handy for rotations, not so good for resizes, due to some blocking issues(??). for rotations, try: convert input.jpg -rotate 90 output.jpg

Transparency Puck

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