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Welcome to the LinuxPMI Project

What is LinuxPMI?

  • linuxPMI is a set of linux kernel patches implimenting process "migration" over a network. its goal is to allow you to move a program from your machine to another machine, run it there for a while, and return it without it ever knowing it was gone.
  • linuxPMI is derived from the failed, now dead openmosix 2.6 branch.

OpenMosix 2.6 PRE-ALPHA Stuff

these links are to bookmarks i've found useful to reference while reading through openmosix source.

OpenMoko Notes

  • OpenMoko RingTones -- what it took for me to get a ringtone on my openmoko.
  • setting the time -- from a shell prompt "rdate; hwclock -w" works. aparently busybox's rdate only uses tcp protocol, so my normal dosent work.

The Western Digital MyBook Home Edition

  • on the 500GB and 320GB models, I've found that the latches for opening the case for disassembly are under the rubber feet toward the front of the case (toward the side with the blue light).
  • there are two chips on the top side of the PCB. an oxford semiconductor OXUF934DSA-LQAG arm core, and a TI firewire controller core, marked 78ELRJTC TSB41AB2 G4. on the reverse side of the PCB is a SST 38vf020 flash chip, that appears to be attached to the arm core.

Starting Points

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