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Welcome to the LinuxPMI Project

What is LinuxPMI?

  • linuxPMI is a set of linux kernel patches implimenting process "migration" over a network. its goal is to allow you to move a program from your machine to another machine, run it there for a while, and return it without it ever knowing it was gone.
  • linuxPMI is derived from the failed, now dead openmosix 2.6 branch.

What are we up to?

Old OpenMosix 2.6 PRE-ALPHA Stuff

these links are to bookmarks i've found useful to reference while reading through openmosix source.

Misc Notes

  • UnsortedInfo -- an unsorted technical dump for information google does not know yet. not linuxPMI related.

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.